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Our mission for the "Basket for all" component is to offer teams of different categories with the objective to let players grow while playing their favorite sport. Youth aged from 12 to 17 years-old are part of these teams.

Our mission for the "Nobel Elite" component is to offer teams of elite level representing the city of Laval during the different regional et provincial competitions. These teams are selected from an athletes pool established in the different neighbourhood. Our goal is that these youth can reach the highest level possible in their sport, whether it’s collegial level AAA or higher. These elite teams comprise of youth from the mini category (10-11 years-old) up to the juvenile category (16-17 years-old). 
Academic achievement is close to ABL’s heart, that is why we felt the need to establish a program to academically support our young athletes. The coaching service for youth called Le REBOND, a service eagerly requested by the north bank’s parents is offered thanks to working teachers. Le REBOND has allowed about twenty youth in primary and secondary schools to pass with success their school year. In basketball, a rebound is an action during the game that allows you to have a second chance to score. Hence, an action we want to continue replicating at the school level thanks to LE REBOND.

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